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Whether you’re an author, an artist, or a performer, your professional creations deserve dedicated business and legal support.

FOR AUTHORS: What are the pros and cons of that publishing contract? Is self-publishing a reasonable alternative? Should you start your own company? When and how should you register your copyright? EM Sky Law LLC can help you assess the risks and rewards—and help you make things happen when you’re ready to take the leap.

FOR ARTISTS: Do you have a standard written contract for your commision clients? Does it address the transfer of your intellectual property? Does it protect you if they want an unreasonable number of changes? What should you do if you see someone using your art without permission? EM Sky Law LLC can help make sure you’re treated with respect and compensated fairly for your work.

FOR COSPLAYERS: What are your rights regarding cosplaying, distributing photos, and selling merchandise? How can you use social media to promote yourself? How can you get bigger and better gigs as a con guest? Most importantly, how can you turn your creative efforts into real profits?

No matter what your creative passion, EM Sky Law LLC can help you promote it, protect it, and leverage it into a full-time living. Initial consultations are always free and are available through Skype around the globe. Email today to schedule yours!